Eco-Home exhibition

Constellation Wallpaer as a part of the Eco-Home exhibition at the Geffrye Museum, 2009-2010

IMG_7407 72 dpiIMG_7388 72 dpiIMG_7399 72 dpi

One of my Constellation Wallpaper is currently on show at the Geffrye Museum as a part of the Eco-Home exhibition from 13th of November 2009 till 7th of february 2010.

“This exhibition hopes to address, without preaching, widespread and increasing concerns about ecology and the state of the planet and how this links to our homes and the way we use, decorate and inhabit them. It will examine current ideas around ‘eco-living’ in an informative and timely way” Discover more about the exhibition on the Geffrye Museum website.


  • Curation & Scenography:  Alex Goddard & Oliver Heath
  • Photography: Aurélie Mossé
  • Special thanks to Kriztina Lackoy & Alex Goddard