Constellation Wallpaper

Research artefact for Philips Design, partnership with MA Textile Futures, 2007


The Constellation Wallpaper is a dream of eco-conscious wallpaper for 2030 designed for Philips Design within the frame for a partnership with Ma Textile Futures, Central Saint Martins. This project has been awarded with the first prize of the competition, whose aim was to generate scenari for future habitats, especially looking at how smart textiles could become sustainable.


This prospective project deals with the idea of an energy storage wallpaper. It means that the wallpaper produces and stores electricity into his surface thanks to photovoltaic technology.

How does it work ? The wallpaper is made of two layers of paper. The first layer transforms the sunlight into electricity, whereas the second one works as a battery and stores the electricity produced so far. Flaps into the wallpaper surface indicate the level of electricity stored. They open up when the wallpaper is accumulating energy and reveal a new poetic aesthetic.

How is it sustainable ? This wallpaper works with the only renewable energy susceptible to provide all the energy we need at a global level, as the sun provides, every two minutes, to the Earth, all the energy we need annually. It is not only a self-energy sufficient product that transforms wasted space into an energy’s production place but also support people in becoming producers rather than just consumers. The beauty of the pattern revealed by the stored electricity is a way to reward good energy use and to create a situation where it is socially desirable to show that you are an eco-conscious consumer.

More about the partnership


roll1.jpg roll_2.jpg roll_3.jpg

Life-scale prototype, prototype 1, 2 and 3 showing the different times of opening of the flaps.


Concept, Design & Fabrication Aurélie Mossé
Many thanks to Clive van Heerden, Jack Mama & MA Textile Futures team

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