Extraordinary furniture

A collection of evolving furniture for domestic experiences, 2008


[Extra]ordinary furniture is a collection of objects for domestic experiences, including a range of wallpapers to sculpt and Mille-feuille table, a table to be peeled away, layer after layer. Designed to evolve slowly over time, each object proposes a different level of interaction.

Materials: «super papers» as cardboard, Tecofoil®, up-cycling papers and non-wovens such as Tyvek®

Technologies: Paper-making and cutting techniques, with a specific focus on laser-cutting. Screen-printing.

[Extra]ordinary wallpapers


[Extra]ordinary wallpapers is a solution to take a break from our high-tech, high-speed society, by combining low-tech physical interaction with the possibility of taking time for contemplation. These wallpapers whose surface is made of pre-cut flaps, allows people to transform their walls into sculptural surfaces. As you would do with an Advent calendar, the flaps encourage folding; and the more time people spend folding the surface, the more they will be rewarded with a customized sculpture that is the fruit of their patience and creativity. It’s up to each user to find his own rhythm!

[Extra]ordinary table: Mille-feuille table


The Mille-feuille table evolves slightly differently. Made of an accumulation of layers to be removed, one after the other, its multi-layered table-top is an invitation to change the look of the table, every time you wish. In a second time, each removed layer can be re-used for decorative purpose, as a wall ornament for example, thanks to removable adhesive.

Both items could be defined as ‘slow’ objects, intending to reduce stress by facilitating rituals. Due to the way they’ve been designed, they generate a set of fixed gestures. The repetitive aspect of these actions: folding, peeling off, sticking, and the highly aesthetic character of their results, aim to encourage contemplative domestic rituals and hope to operate as filtering devices, separating the individuals from the hectic rhythm of modern life.

The difference between them is that “Mille-feuille” goes further in the questioning of objects’ status and lifespan. Of course, you can peel the table off every time you want and you will discover a new appearance. But it is impossible to guess what you will discover. You may like it, or not. You may want to get rid of it, you may want to keep it forever but the table will untiringly ask you to find your own balance between the insatiable desire for novelty/ change and the aspiration for durability.


[Extra]ordinary furniture was originally presented as my MA Textile Futures Graduation project at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London

The project was supported by a written piece that you can discover here.

Concept & Design Aurélie Mossé

Photography Mathilde Fuzeau

With the kind support of Bauschlinnemann for Tecofoil

Many thanks to all of those, who, directly or indirectly, have contributed to this project, the list is too long to mention everybody here but thanks for believing in this project from the beginning.

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