27th of May 2015, Textiles intelligents et connectés, vers une nouvelle vision du vêtement, Stéréolux, Paris, FR

02nd of April 2015, Gossamer Timescapes: créer des textiles actifs pour l’environnement maison, Ecole Bleue, Paris, FR

11th of October 2014, Textile & Mobilité: un état de l’art, Lille/Design for change colloque #3 , Musée de la Piscine, Roubaix, FR

10th of January 2013,Textile Futures: Designing a new material landscape, Textile Department, Designskolen, KADK, Copenhagen, DK

14th of September 2012,Material Tales for Self-Actuated Textiles, CITA Studio, Candidate Program: Computation & Architecture, KADK, Copenhagen, DK

10-14th of June 2012Adaptive Textiles for Future Homes, CIMTEC 2012, 4th International conference on smart materials, structures and systems, Montecatini Terme, IT

10th May 2012 Textiles futurs : Imaginer, matérialiser un nouveau paysage architectural, Cycle de Conférence ‘Matérialité’, LACTH, ENSAP, Lille, FR

3rd May 2012 Material Tales for Digital Intimacy, Digital Play Symposium, Technical University Munich, G

6th of February 2012Designing Self-Actuated Textiles for New Domestic Timescapes, Perspectives on Sustainable Design, Symposium, TFRC/Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts, London,  UK

28-30 November 2011Digital Architecture session, Ambience 11, International Conference, University of Borås,  SE

7th of October 2011Reef: designing electro-active polymers for the homeInstitute for Product Design, Kolding Design School, DK

3-5th of March 2011 Adaptive Architecture, International Conference, Building Centre,  London, UK

3-4th of November 2010 The Role of Material Evidence, Seminar,  Karch, Copenhagen, DK

11th of June 2010 Digital Relations in Architecture, PhD Symposium, Centre for IT & Architecture,  Karch, Copenhagen, DK

06th of May 2010Shape-Morphing Textiles, International Seminar, Centre for IT & Architecture,  Karch, Copenhagen, DK

26th of March 2010, Self-actuated Textiles for the Home, English Kandidat Master, Karch, Copenhagen, DK

25th of March 2010Energy-harvesting & Self-Actuated Textiles in the Design of Domestic SpacesInstitute for Product Design, Kolding Design School, DK

19th of March 2010Energy-harvesting & Self-Actuated Textiles in the Design of Domestic Spaces Danish Polymer Centre , DTU, Copenhagen, DK

3rd of March 2010Eco Chic – Green fabrics and textiles don’t have to be dowdyEcobuild, Earls Court, London, Uk

3rd of November 09 Future TextilesCentre for Textile Research, Københavns Universitet Amager, DK

7th of July 09 Do you see a Future Career in Design Research? TFRC, Innovation Centre, Central St Martins, London, Uk


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